Tracking Oklahoma Fires Cleveland County

by Valhall

Okay, so I’ve given up on the local Oklahoma City news agencies for adequately tracking the Cleveland County fire.  When it got to within a half mile of my brother’s house and they were still focusing on Luther (and that town is getting decimated, so I want to be clear my heart goes out to those people, but there are two main fire fronts occurring, okay?), I gave up.  I’ve been following the Cleveland County fire scanner since I got home and learned of this horrific situation…that’s the only thing that has given me the ability to inform my brother, who was sitting blind as it swept toward him.
So I’ve started this thread to update people in Oklahoma who may want to know where the Cleveland County fire is.

It is currently north of Cedar Lane and running north up the path of 120th Avenue Southeast.  The firefighters are just getting out of the way and trying to find a safe location they hope will allow them to “take a stand”, but right now they are describing it as a firestorm that they can’t even attempt to put out.  The Thunderbird Wedding Chapel is in its path, as well as many unfortunate families’ homes.  It would have to jump Highway 9 to take the chapel.

I lost my home to fire over two decades ago.  My heart dies for these people, as well as the people in many western states who have already suffered this loss.  While this past year my husband and I endured the pain and anger of having most of our material goods (including things that can never be replaced) stolen from us, there is nothing that compares – not theft, not flood, not tornado…nothing – to the feeling of having absolutely everything in your life taken FOREVER by fire.  There is no hope of “getting it back”.
I will update in comments as I hear more via the scanner.