Andrew Scott’s death: Lake County Sheriff makes it all better

by Valhall

To be clear, yesterday I was almost certain I didn’t like how Lake County Sheriff Gary Borders was handling the situation where his deputies gunned down an innocent man when they banged on the wrong apartment door.  Today I’m certain I don’t and am now kicking around whether I even like the man at all.  He did nothing to help the situation.

Come to find out at 1:30 am Sunday morning when the Lake County popo came a banging on Andrew Scott’s apartment door, Andrew wasn’t alone.  He was at home with his girlfriend.  So this wasn’t a matter of a man being startled awake and just grabbing a gun, this was a case of man being jolted awake and having his girlfriend there with him and feeling like he needed to defend her.  Andrew Scott was shot dead with his girlfriend right there.  Lake County Sheriff Borders, who appears to be completely lacking in any form of empathy said:

She said she was OK, but you knew that she wasn’t.  I could tell she was upset.

Wow…wonder what tipped him off?  Maybe she let slip an “Oh bummer, you shot my bo…”

He then goes on to say this in defense of his deputy shooting an innocent man dead simply because he answered his door in the middle of the night and had the foresight to take his own defense weapon with him.

I support people to bear arms to defend themselves, but there was no imminent danger here.  We were knocking on the door.

Exactly how in the world was Andrew Scott supposed to know there was “no imminent danger”?  And stop lying, why don’t you.? You’ve already pushed out two statements in this deal that were either lies or intentional distortions.  I doubt seriously they were just doing a bit of polite “knocking”.

Scott’s family is not impressed.  They hired Mark Nejame’s law firm to represent them.  Scott’s friends aren’t too impressed either.  They continue to protest and speak out.  His friend Rebecca Menzie stated:

If it is was anyone else, it would be murder.”

Murder maybe not, but manslaughter…yeah.  I’m with you Rebecca.