Andrew Scott’s death: Why there needs to be charges

by Valhall

So you’re at home on Saturday night.  It’s 1:30 in the morning Sunday morning and you’re probably asleep.  There’s loud  banging on your door.  You grab your gun.  You head to the apartment door.  You open it and bang you’re dead.

That’s what happened to 26-year-old Andrew Scott.

Okay, the Sheriff’s deputies who were involved in this fiasco have lied.  The Sheriff’s office has put out intentionally misleading information to try to paint the whole situation in a different light.  Both those findings are pretty concerning, especially when you have an innocent citizen dead over the whole situation.

The story the Lake County Sheriff’s office had originally put out is that Andrew Scott was shot dead after opening his apartment door with a gun in his hand because the deputies, who were tracking a possible “attempted murder suspect”, had knocked on the wrong door.  They also put out that the officers HAD identified themselves prior to Scott opening the door.  Let’s see what has now come to light:

  • The officers did NOT identify themselves.  It stated they did not do so because they didn’t not want the “attempted murder” suspect to flee.  If they didn’t identify themselves, they most likely also did not stand directly in front of the door.  In fact, it’s about guaranteed they weren’t standing right out in the open, but taking cover on either side of the front door.  Another indicator that they were not directly in front of the door is a statement that has been made by the Sheriff’s office that when the door opened all they saw “was the muzzle of a gun”.  Makes sense if you are standing in a protective stance on either side of the door.
  • The officers were NOT pursuing an “attempted murder suspect”.  Not according to 90-something radio transmissions WFTV has now listened to.  They were looking for two guys for assault and battery with the worst possible charge stated during the transmission of “aggravated assault” with the statement “possibly more”.  The men (who were subsequently arrested and are in jail) had been involved in a street fight involving threatening the victim with a cinder block over the head.  One man, Rodriguez, has been charged with battery.  WFTV has now reported they have learned that the second man, Brown, had charges upgraded to attempted murder, AFTER Scott was shot dead.  Legal Analyst Bill Sheaffer feels the upgrade may have been done to “shift focus away from” the death of Scott.  I think so, too.

The other thing the Sheriff’s department did that is lower than a snake’s belly and shows they are trying to cover and distract was to release information on the innocent victim to try to paint him in a less than stellar light.  Apparently Scott liked to smoke the occasional spliffer.  The Sheriff’s department seems to be okay with releasing the fact that after they performed an illegal search and seizure on a dead man’s apartment they found marijuana – they like to state it this way “drugs and drug paraphernalia”…makes it sound more disturbing than “some pot and rolling papers” or “pot and a bong”.  I don’t think they realize there’s not the vast hoochaphobia they think exists out here in the listening audience.  Irrespective of how you view someone who hits the weed on occasion, it’s really bad form for them to be releasing this information considering they had no right to even search his apartment after they gunned him down.  I don’t believe for a second this poor guy’s last words were “Oh, and feel free to search my apartment guys!”

There needs to be a charge of manslaughter against the officer who gunned this man down and the rest of the deputies standing outside that door need to be fired for lying.  And it’s okay with me if whomever chose to release unwarranted information on a innocent dead man gets fired as well.  Enough with the police state.  YOU WERE WRONG.